Children's Ministry

Christ Our Hope Church loves and welcomes children

We enjoy having children in our worship service. After our time of worship in song, we provide safe oversight and biblical instruction for children from 10 months old through 2nd grade during the sermon. When you enter the church building, be sure to sign-in your child. Since the safety of your children is one of our top priorities, you will be asked to fill out an information form for your children and one of our workers will place a security band on your child’s wrist with a unique security number, a number that only matches the security tab that will be handed to you, so only you can pick up your child. You will also be asked to sign the checkout form. Our policy is to only allow approved members of Christ Our Hope Church to serve and there must be at least two adults with the children at any given time (more workers will be available with larger numbers of children).

Hope Kids

Hope Kids is comprised of children from 10 months old through 2nd grade. During the service, children are taken to a classroom downstairs where they engage with the Scriptures through a dynamic lesson time. Learning to work in small groups, to pray, and to be in awe of our good and faithful Lord are some of the things our volunteer teachers hope to instill in them. The children will also learn to sing hymns and praise and worship songs, they will have time to play through coloring, playing with play dough, and some toys. We also will have a snack time (please do let us know if your children have any allergies or issues with food, such as gluten).

In the nursery room, we have a changing table for babies. We ask that you take your child to the bathroom before the class starts. The curriculum we follow is The Gospel Project.