In 2013 when COHC launched, it was always our intent to multiply churches. To that end, we brought on leaders who could incubate with us here in Clifton and eventually be sent out to plant in other neighborhoods in Metro NYC. Sending the Skiles family to Staten Island is our first foray into that effort, and you can learn more about their heart and vision for Staten Island below:

Alan & Grace Skiles  

Parents of 3, Alan and Grace will lead the effort to plant a new church in Staten Island. Alan, a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, will work from home in the InfoSec industry while leading the team. Before moving to Staten Island, the Skiles’ lived in Clifton, NJ for three years where they’ve served Christ Our Hope Church in the capacity of music, children’s, and small group ministry as part of the launch team. Now God has turned their hearts toward Staten Island where they intend to participate in God’s plan to build His church there.

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frequently asked questions below


Our mission is to engage our neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ through proclamation and relationship, striving to grow in grace together for His glory and the advancement of His Kingdom.


LOCAL: We believe the church is meant to minister to the community in which it is planted. As such, our outward ministry will focus on the needs of the neighborhoods where our church members reside.

RELATIONAL: We believe the church is made up of people who strive to have relationships based on their mutual love for Jesus and desire to see His name made known in their neighborhood. We will aim to lead with relationship as we share the gospel, make disciples, serve our neighbors and encourage one another.

BIBLICAL: We believe that the nature of the church, the content of its teaching and the values on which it is built are entirely found in the Bible. Therefore, we will teach the whole counsel of the Scriptures, which display the grand Gospel narrative of Creation, Fall Redemption and Restoration.

MISSIONAL: We believe that the church exists to multiply. This means we will work to make disciples who make disciples, and raise up leaders to multiply churches in Staten Island, Metro New York and all over the world.

see our frequently asked questions below...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are you in Staten Island? Our heart is for our city. We love New York City and specifically Staten Island. We love its people and its history. We came to listen, learn and serve the residents of Staten Island with a love that originates from our Savior. We believe that everyone deserves to hear the good news that Jesus has addressed all the wrong things in the world through His death and Resurrection! We believe that those who place their hope on Him will be rescued from sin and granted eternal life. Because we love Staten Island, we cannot allow ourselves to prevent its people from hearing this good news.

  • What neighborhoods will you focus on? Right now, we have launch team members in Great Kills and the Woodrow area. We will prayerfully make those decisions as the launch team comes together.

  • Are you doing this by yourself? No way! First and foremost, we believe it is Jesus Christ himself who builds the church (Matthew 16:18), but we also know that it takes more than one family to do this. Because of this, we are having focused conversations with other church planters who want what we want on the island and our first order of business is to figure out how to work together. God is moving and this is happening as we speak! One of our dearest partners in the ministry is Chris Turpin, whose website is linked here. We encourage you to visit his page and reach out to him with any questions you have for us.
  • What is the church? The Church (Big C) is a world-wide body of people who affirm Jesus Christ as Lord and resurrected Savior, and worship Him together in local expressions called churches (little c). The local expression of the church is a group of people who live close enough to one another that they can regularly meet to worship and learn about Jesus and encourage one another as Christ followers. There is an element of multiplication inherent in all of this, where followers multiply followers, leaders multiply leaders and churches multiply churches. This is rooted in our belief that every Christian is responsible to share his or her faith with others with humility and love.
  • What is church planting? We seldom consider how the church on the corner got there, but the truth is at one point in its history, it was planted. Church Planting is simply the gathering and organizing of individual followers of Jesus into a church. Sometimes these followers of Jesus are already in the location where the church will be planted and just need to be gathered. Much of the time, however, that is not the case. Every Christian is called to share the gospel and encourage others to believe and become a follower of Jesus. We call this “making disciples.” The church planter takes that a step further by gathering those new believers into an organized body which we call church planting.
  • What makes you different from every other church? We know there are many churches on Staten Island, so we’ll just hit some highlights.
      • We are Protestant. This means we identify with the tradition of the Protestant Reformation, which stressed the sufficiency of Scripture as our only authority and salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone for God’s glory alone.

      • We are Congregational. This means that the local church is governed by the congregation jointly and is autonomous in its accountability to other churches or associations.

      • We are Baptist. This means we baptize professing believers via immersion as a public profession of the reality of one’s identity as a Christ-follower. Baptism does not bestow grace upon the one being baptized, but is a step of obedience that preaches the gospel to those who witness it.

      • We are “Great Commission” Focused. The “Great Commission” was Jesus’ final direction to His disciples before ascending to heaven. “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” We believe that this command and all it entails was for all Christ followers, and are convinced that church planting is the result of faithful adherence to it.

      • We are community oriented. It is our conviction that Christ followers don’t follow Christ too well on their own. We need each other and it is our desire to make room for Christ followers to share their journey with others on the same path.

      • We know we’re not the only ones! We rejoice in the work God is already doing in Staten Island! There are already churches that teach the gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully and serve Staten Island well. But we asked them, and many of them are excited to have some help. We are concerned with the larger work of God in Staten Island, and only secondarily with the work He is doing directly through us. Our hope is to join in where we fit with a vision to multiply the church neighborhood by neighborhood.

    • What do you believe? For starters, see the question above. More specifically, we affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as our primary doctrinal statement of faith. We also affirm the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood as well as the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. While we affirm these documents, only the Bible is authoritative. We are able to affirm these statements only because we believe they faithfully interpret Scripture on the issues they address. If you have questions about these beliefs, please fill out our contact form and let’s chat.

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